2021: The Functional Home

Am I a design blogger now? Is that who I have become? Anyways – I’m really sick of trends, aren’t you guys? Trendy things don’t last and, who wants to try and keep up appearances for people that don’t live with you anyways? Enough is enough, 2021 is going to be the year we acknowledge [...]

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New to Builders Glass: Industrial Grid Showers

I know what you’re thinking… “Alex, that title doesn’t say ‘Frameless Ultra Clear Showers’.” Yeah, I know. Because we’re talking about something completely new to us here at Builders Glass. Industrial Grid, or “factory window”, showers.  It’s ok everyone - change is a good thing!! Elaborate These super cool industrial style showers aren’t meant to [...]

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Glass Barn Doors

A New Trend Rolls In – Glass Barn Doors! Are you ready to step-up your shabby chic game? Do you want to be the first on your block to usher-in New York’s latest interior design element? Then Glass Barn doors are for you! This modern take on the traditionally rustic and farmhouse-style staple is equally [...]

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